Water Treatment Indonesia – Total Solution In Water and Waste Water Treatment

Water Treatment Indonesia – Total Solution In Water and Waste Water Treatment

In line with our vision to become the best water treatment company of the highest value for all stakeholders, PT Hydromaster Harmoni Nusantara provides a total solution in water and wastewater treatment for domestic, commercial, industrial, and municipal applications whether it be a new system or upgrading. We treat highly polluted industrial wastewater for environmental compliance or recycling, seawater to the required quality or demineralized water, and other water problems.

Our experience in Indonesia started in 2005 with good corporate governance and a solid team in water and wastewater treatment. Equipped with continuous Research & Development, innovative technology, and proven operational records, we focus on our customer satisfaction with an efficient, cost-effective, and robust system to obtain the best water quality as required.

Hydromaster fully commits to the principles of Health, Safety, and Environmental excellence by constantly working towards zero-incident, maintenance of safe and healthy working conditions, and strict compliance with the client’s environmental, health, safety, and security requirement and objectives.

Some of our projects are carried out under DBOO concept (Design, Build, Operate, Own) or BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer) * in which you do not need to have an initial investment.  We shall design, install, and operate the water treatment system in your premises with our investment and financing.  Without additional burden and risk to add a new system, you can enjoy a reliable water supply with consistent quality and competitive rate.

*applicable for certain application, location, and minimum size.

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