Ultra Filtration

Membrane Technology, Ultra Filtration

Membrane Technology, Ultra Filtration

Ultra Filtration (UF) is pure filtration process with pore size < 0.1 micron and thereby can remove turbidity, suspended solids, bacteria and organic matter to a certain level.  The product will be crystal clear water and can directly be used as clean water* or as input for the next filtration process such as Reverse Osmosis.

Our Ultra Filtration Membrane Modules are  made of high performance PVDF hollow fibre UF membranes, characterized by high performance, high flux, ease of cleaning and low energy consumption.

* Depends on input quality and clean water criteria in each application


Ultra Filtration
Low Pressure Reverse Osmosis
Nano Filtration
Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis
Clarifier System with inclined plate settler

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