Sistem Sludge Dewatering dengan Multi-Disk Screw Press

One of Amcon screw filter press installation in Jakarta for DAF sludge dewatering

VoluteTM Amcon

In 1991, AMCON brought VOLUTETM or known as multi-disk screw press, to the world where nobody had ever seen such a unique filter element. AMCON’s previous experience since 1974 as an operator of sludge dewatering equipments and wastewater treatment plants urged them to develop a user-friendly machine.

Amcon’s VoluteTM technology as inventor and market leader has been installed and operating more than 30 units in Indonesia since 2008 to handle various types of industrial waste and more than 5000 units in more than 77 countries.

General schematic of dewatering system with VoluteTM or screw filter press
General schematic of dewatering system with VoluteTM or screw filter press

The dewatering system is mainly applied to the sludge from anaerobic and aerobic biological systems and from the DAF system or combination of both with Total Solids 0.1% – 8% ppm which requires special handling.

DAF system or combination of both

Before VoluteTM technology was invented, sludge usually needed to go through a pre-thickening process before being dewatered separately.

Advantages of the VoluteTM system

With the invention of Amcon’s VoluteTM, both processes can be carried out simultaneously in a filter element that consists of two types of Rings : a Fixed Ring and a Moving Ring; and a screw that thrusts the filter element and transfers and pressurized the sludge. The gaps between the Rings and the screw pitch are designed to gradually get narrower towards the direction of sludge cake outlet and the inner pressure of the filter element increases due to the volume compression effect, which thickens and dewaters the sludge.

Advantages of the VoluteTM system

  1. Easy operation and maintenance and can operate 24/7 without an operator
  2. Compact and efficient design that saves space, water, and electricity.
  3. There is no concern about noise and vibration because there is no rotating body with high speed.
  4. The self-cleaning mechanism enables ideal dewatering of oily sludge.
  5. Significantly reduce odor when directly dewatered from fresh aerobic sludge.
  6. The sludge cake can contain > 20% Dry Solids
  7. Can be applied for municipal wastewater, industry, plantations, mining, etc.


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