Hydromaster dan SUN Solutions meluncurkan Sistem Pemurnian Air Tenaga Surya

September 2022: Hydromaster and SUN Solutions launched the Solar Water Purification System

In September 2022, Hydromaster and SUN Solutions, a SUN Group company, launched a strategic partnership for the Solar Water Purification System.

SUN Group is the #1 Integrated Solar Developer Company in Indonesia with international project portfolio > 230 MWp in 4 countries in Asia Pacific Region.

The Solar Water Purification System offers clean water supply powered by solar energy with no capex. The customer pays only per meter cube or liter of water consumed.

The solution integrates a photovoltaic power plant, making it a truly sustainable solution. The customer also does not have to worry about operation & maintenance; we take care of everything.

No hassle, no investment required. Allowing clients to focus on their core businesses.

launched the Solar Water Purification System
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