CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) dalam pandemi COVID-19

2020 : Donation in COVID 19 Pandemic

In the early cases of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia since March 2020, the explosion in the need for PPE created distribution and logistical challenges to reach the Health Workers in several areas in Indonesia during this critical time.

Hydromaster Indonesia participated as a donor in the supply of PPE in the form of hazmat and masks to several health centers in South Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara.

Puskesmas Pangkajane, South Sulawesi

The health centers that received assistance from Hydromaster Indonesia were:

  1. Puskesmas Pangkajane, South Sulawesi
  2. UPT. Puskesmas Sengkol, Central Lombok, NTB
  3. Puskesmas Kediri, West Lombok, NTB
  4. Puskesmas Labuan Badas Unit 1, Sumbawa, NTB
Puskesmas Pangkajane, South Sulawesi
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